Fabian Geiger, CEO & President
Fabian started his career at Airbus after obtaining a German industrial engineering Diploma. He advanced quickly into leadership roles in Airbus’ airframe procurement organization, before he joined Primus International Inc., a Seattle, WA based airframe manufacturer, as Director Business Development Europe. After Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) acquired Primus in 2012, Fabian took on several challenging roles in the United States in business development and operations in PCC’s airframe products division until he acquired Nerjan in 2017.

"What makes Nerjan unique are its great customers, each one an OEM and true global leader in its market, and the team of elite machinists, committed to make highly complex parts to nominal dimensions."

Anna Geiger, Vice President

Human Resources, Training and Finance
Anna, Fabian's wife, has a Masters degree in Teaching, Math and Psychology and strong track record in school management and is a successful business owner in the education services market.


Our proven, loyal team of hard working machinists are experts in their field and have a high level of cross training on various machines, CMM and programming. They are relentless on quality, making parts to nominal is their everyday expectation as well as improving our processes. 

Strategic Advisors

John Merritt
John is a true aerospace legend with a global network after serving this industry for 35 years at British Aerospace, Doncasters, Primus International, and the Triumph Group in various roles as a business development and general management executive.

David Baublits
David has a very broad business acumen in several industries, and has owned and managed aerospace companies up to $80M for 25 years,  including Precision Machine Tools (PMW), one of the most admired hard metal machine shops in North America.

Dr. Ing. Michael Kuhn
Michael, a PhD in Electrical Engineering, has served his entire career at Philips Medical in R&D and Technology Strategy leadership roles. He provides valuable guidance to Nerjan on technology trends.

Blake Zizzi
Blake started to work at Nerjan at the age of 12 and retired after being its President for 20 years. Blake is a master machinist and has build Nerjan's strong customer relationships.